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Dietitians' Tips for Navigating the Holidays

Here are 10 Tips from SFL Nutrition's dietitians to help navigate through the holidays with health and nutrition in mind:

1. Stay consistent with eating habits: Don’t skip meals to “save calories” for a big dinner

2. Don’t overly restrict: Enjoy all foods groups, focus on having larger portions of healthy foods and still enjoy smaller portions of treats

3. Combat stress with nutrition: Incorporate daily movement, exercise, gratitude, and vegetables with Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and B Vitamins to reduce stress

4. Keep energy levels up: Keeping energy levels and metabolism high to meet the demands of the holidays by reducing stress, adding fiber-rich foods, staying hydrated, and pacing yourself while eating; also try going for pre- and post- meal walks

5. Snack before parties: Never go on to an event or gathering on an empty stomach. Have a small snack before parties such as yogurt or an apple with peanut butter to reduce temptations to overindulge. Slow down while eating to enjoy each bite while allowing yourself to have small portions of your favorite foods.

6. Practice mindful eating: Instead of stress eating calories, slow down, enjoy, and chew thoroughly the foods you’re consuming while enjoying them

7. Stay active: Health is not only about nutrition but also regular physical activity

8. Keep hydrated: Water helps fight fatigue, consciously drink water instead of always going for caffeine and before, after, and in between cocktails

9. Go easy on the alcohol: Alcohol adds additional stress and inflammation to the body and also too much can depress the immune system -which is crucial right now!

10. Slow down: The holidays can be hectic but it is important to slow down to take time for yourself and spend time with family and friends. Added stress can lead to impulsive, usually unhealthy choices.


-SFL Nutrition

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