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Reducing Sodium in Canned Beans & Vegetables

When cooking at home, many people opt to choose canned products as they are shelf stable, convenient, nutritionally comparable, easy to prepare, and relatively inexpensive.

Preserved foods, such as canned vegetables and beans may be "reduced-sodium", but are not considered low in sodium.

Many people consume well over the 2,300mg of sodium per day recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Many people may also have more strict sodium limitations due to cardiac or renal complications.

Rinse and drain the salt away!

-Draining and rinsing canned vegetables was found to reduce the sodium content by up to 23%

-Rising and draining beans reduces sodium up to 41%

-Canned beans and vegetables will vary in sodium content by variety, brand, and if they contain added seasonings (some brands offer NO sodium or sodium-free added varieties)


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